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If you are interested in running for office, please fill out the google form located here! Also, please have your troupe director fill out the rating form located here.

State Thespian Officers

Abbey Road Charity

Representative-Centennial High School

"Abbey Road Charity (she/her) is super excited to represent as a state thespian officer for New Mexico! She is a sophomore and has found her happy place as a part of Centennial High School’s theatre program. She enjoys working on and off the stage, working as a part of her school’s makeup production team, and playing roles like the princess in her school’s one act and Dorothy Gale in her school’s production of The Wizard of Oz! She enjoys leadership and creative roles, she currently holds the position of historian/public relations for the Centennial After School Thespians and plans to run for office again next school year. Outside of the theatre Abbey enjoys writing music, singing, and playing her ukulele and guitar. She works at a local music store and is planning to put out her second album by the end of 2022. As a state thespian officer Abbey hopes to create a welcoming space for all thespians and grow into the theatre community!”

Abbie Mae Allen

Representative-Farmington High School

"Abbie Mae Allen (She/her) is very excited to be a state thespian officer. She is a freshman at Farmington High School, who has found a love for the theater. As a State Thespian Officer, she hopes to grow in New Mexico's thespian community even more. So far, she has acted in, "The Neverending Story" by Micheal Ende and soon will be a part of "Charlie Foster: a play about swimming and theater" at Farmington HIgh school. She also played Jules in the 2021 NMMA Thespian Festival one act, "The Audition". She is very grateful she has been allowed to be a state thespian officer, and she can't wait to see how she can change and improve our constantly growing thespian society."

Kaycee Nikole-Ramirez Stein

Representative-Farmington High School

Kaycee Nikole-Ramirez Stine (she/her/ella) is very grateful to be a state thespian officer. She finds herself thriving and enjoys leadership positions as she is in Farmington High School's Student Senate, is the Vice President of the FHS Drama Department, and is very determined to make a strong contribution with her time as an officer. As far as theatre goes, Kaycee is working to be well-versed. So far acting in local productions such as "Legally Blonde the Musical" and "High School Musical", with Farmington High, she's played the lead role in the 2021 NMMA Thespian Festival 2nd place one-act, "The Audition", and will be in the "Neverending Story". Beyond that, she has done some directing and playwriting, as well as being part of a local tech crew for productions such as "Mamma Mia!". She will continue to work in all these fields in as many ways as possible and is so thrilled to grow while being a state officer.

Kaitlin Marie Mayers

Representative-Centennial High School

Kaitlin(Katie) Marie Mayers (She/Her) is thrilled to be a State Thespian Officer! Katie has found her place participating in all things music and theatre; from tap dancing in Broadway on Stage at NMSU to being the lead in her high school's one-act, Crushed, her life is loaded with any theatre opportunity she can get. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Centennial After School Thespians and plans to run for office again next year! When she is not performing she enjoys spending time writing/producing music and being greatly involved in her school's choir program. Beyond performing, Katie served as the costume shop manager for Wizard of Oz and wrote a scene for Centennials’ “Twisted Fairytales". She has no plan of slowing down and can't wait to see where this new opportunity of being a State Thespian Officer takes her!

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